How to fix your car's brakes stuck

Have you ever experienced your car's brakes locked or stuck? for example you don't step on the brake pedal but your brakes are active and when you step on the brake pedal it will feel hard because the brake pads are already attached to the rear axle, this problem is quite a lot experienced by car owners. Price of PPnBM Honda Mobilio Malang Of course this can make you and other passengers panic.

Car brakes jam usually because the brake pads are wet, then the hand brake is activated and left for a long time to dry. For example, if you are traveling by car and you go through a lot of puddles where the brake pads are exposed and water is submerged, then you position the car (park) and apply the handbrake.

When washing the car, of course, you will clean the wheels and fenders like splashed with water, if this happens, the brake pads will get wet. This will cause the brake pads to dry out and make it easier to stick to the disc and drum. cheap installment price honda brio Malang Air has corrosive properties, if water inundates car tires it will soak the brakes, so there is a risk of causing rust and will hamper the performance of the brake system.

The presence of dirt that is not cleaned on the brake pads can also hinder the movement of the brakes. Dust and dirt that is left for a long time will accumulate and can cause the brake lining system to jam. Cars that are rarely used for a long time can experience stuck brakes. honda accord bad price This happens because the hydraulic fluid cannot interact and cause a corrosive effect on the wheel cylinder walls and clogged pistons.

Age is indeed one of the factors that can hinder the performance of an object that will experience a decline, for example the braking system, if you are old enough and never replace the brake pads, the brake function will decrease. Price Honda Odyssey Malang If your car's brake pads are old, you should replace them immediately.


Do a check with the brakes to find out which tire is locked, if only one tire is locked, it means your brakes have a problem. price honda city malang Then start the engine and turn it back and forth, if the canvas is not sticky it will make it easier for you to handle it and don't be surprised if this loud banging sound is a sign that the brake pads are not sticky.

You can also try removing all the wheels and cleaning the entire braking system or you can take it to an authorized repair shop to clean the braking system. After checking, if there are components that need to be replaced, they should be replaced immediately by using genuine spare parts or spare parts, do not use fake spare parts. price ppnbm honda brv Malang Usually the components that are replaced such as beige glass, brake cylinders, brake linings and according to your car.

Honda lovers, if you don't want to experience this problem, of course, have to regularly clean the braking system or when doing routine service at an official Honda workshop, you can ask for the braking system to be cleaned and replaced with brake fluid regularly.

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