Tips for cleaning and arranging the refrigerator to make it more tidy

The refrigerator has a very important role, especially in food storage needs. With a refrigerator, we can keep food ingredients fresh and of course durable when used. With such an important role, it is mandatory for the owner to always maintain good hygiene.

So, how do you clean the fridge and at the same time organize the things in it to make it more hygienic, durable, and fresh?

1. Cleaning Food Leftovers

we can start cleaning the refrigerator by removing the remaining food that is still in it. Some of us may often not be able to finish food in one meal. As a result, the refrigerator becomes a storage place for various types of leftovers.

If stored for too long and left unattended, food residue can cause unpleasant odors or even mildew.

2. Arrange Vegetables Vertically

organize the refrigerator by paying attention to the food ingredients in it, including vegetables. It's best to arrange the vegetables vertically, not stacked on top of each other.

Arranging vegetables vertically will make it easier for ShopBacker to know what ingredients are still available.

3. Tidy up the bottle

The next tip is tidying the bottle. Not only bottles, various food or drink containers can also be lined up and lined up neatly facing the front. This step is done so that the refrigerator can be more neat and organized on the inside.

4. Cleaning Vegetables and Fruits

Cleaning and organizing the refrigerator can also be done by cleaning the food ingredients first. It is better to clean the vegetables from the roots and adhering soil. ShopBacker can also clean fruit by washing it before putting it in the fridge.

5. Cleaning the Refrigerator Regularly

Tips for cleaning and arranging the refrigerator on this one can be done by checking vegetables and fruit that are not fit to eat because they are rotten. Also make sure to check which canned food ingredients are still good and which ones have expired.

This is done not only to make the refrigerator cleaner, but also to maintain the health of the householder from food that is no longer fit for consumption. If the groceries have been cleaned, ShopBackers can clean the refrigerator shelves using a damp cloth and soap that is safe for refrigerator ingredients.

Cleaning the refrigerator and organizing the food ingredients in it is an obligation that must be done regularly. Thus, food ingredients will also be more neatly organized and easy to take when needed.

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