How to Water Plants in the Dry Season

The method of watering plants in the dry season is clearly different from the rainy season.

There are many things that need to be considered so that plants continue to thrive, look fresh and good even in hot weather. This time we will learn how to water plants properly and correctly during the dry season. Come on, we're together.

How to Water Plants in the Dry Season Correctly

The evergreen and fresh yard is a most pleasant sight, especially on dry season days. However, the wrong care can make the plant dry and die so it cannot be enjoyed in hot weather.

Therefore, here are some ways to water plants in the dry season to keep plants healthy and fresh. Among others are :

1. Choose the Right Time

The correct process is knowing the right time to water the plants. You should water the plant at least twice in the morning and evening. The goal is that the air really seeps into the soil and is perfectly absorbed by the plants.

If you water the plants during the day, the air will evaporate a lot from the heat. The plants will not have time to absorb the air. This will affect the process of photosynthesis and the plant will also be deprived of air, dry and die.

Therefore, make sure you water the plants in the morning and evening when the sun is not too hot. The process of water absorption will be maximum at these two times.

2. Give Sufficient Amount

In the dry season, plants need more water than the rainy season. Adjust the amount of air to the needs of the plant. The right way to water plants in the dry season is to provide enough at once.

According to research, watering in large quantities at once will be better and more effective than watering little by little even though often. A lot of air will be absorbed into the soil so that it is more easily absorbed by plants.

However, giving the amount of water must also pay attention to the type of plant. Do not let plants that are sick from too much water stagnate.

3. Watering Each Part

Some argue that watering plants only on planting media. This is because the only part of the plant that absorbs air is the roots. However, this opinion seems very wrong.

In the dry season, evaporation occurs in all parts. Plants will lose a lot of air reserves, causing lay and less fresh. Therefore, water the plant in all parts of the tree from leaves, stems to roots.

This watering will make the plants more moist and not easy to dry. The water will refresh the tree or plant parts and help reduce the evaporation process.

4. Using Tools

How to water plants in the dry season is to use a tool. It is recommended not to pour large amounts of water directly. Fragile trees will break easily if exposed to the force of splashing water.

Therefore, it is better if you use a tool such as a sprayer. The air blowing force will not be too large because the air particles will break apart in smaller quantities. Watering like this is better because it will be more even.

Here are four ways to water plants in the dry season that really keeps the plants fresh and healthy. Make sure to always check the condition of your plants so that no plants die suddenly and dry out due to lack of air. In the dry season, you can still enjoy the green shady plants around the house.

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