How to tidy up the fridge the right way

Every mother always wants to have a refrigerator that is neatly arranged. Not only pleasing to the eye, tidying up the contents of the refrigerator also makes it easier for you to find food ingredients, you know.

Moreover, the refrigerator is one of the electronic items whose function is very important at home. The refrigerator can help mothers in maintaining the durability of food, so that its nutritional content is maintained.

In addition, the refrigerator is also a place to put drinks, so it can be consumed cold whenever we want. If the refrigerator is dirty and unsightly, of course the durability of the food ingredients will also have an effect.

In addition, if the refrigerator is dirty and untidy, it can invite a lot of bacteria and cause the refrigerator to emit an unpleasant odor. For that, to keep the contents of the refrigerator neat, here are tips and how to tidy up the refrigerator properly and correctly that you can do at home.

How to keep the refrigerator clean and tidy

It turns out that how to tidy up the refrigerator is not enough just to wipe the two components inside, namely the freezer and chiller. To keep the refrigerator tidy, the next step is to sort out some expired food items.

After sorting out expired foodstuffs, you also need to sort out which foodstuffs are suitable for chiller and freezer temperatures. For example separating frozen food, semi-cooked food, ground spices, vegetables, canned drinks or other food ingredients. In addition, you can use the following methods to keep the refrigerator clean and tidy:

Separate the parts

1. On the refrigerator door

Launching Consumer Reports, for mothers who like to put fresh milk and eggs on the refrigerator door, don't do it again, ma'am. The reason, it turns out that the temperature in the refrigerator door rose several degrees higher than the main part.

So, the refrigerator door is not suitable as a place to store milk and eggs. Suitable groceries are placed on the refrigerator door; butter, ground spices, juice, cooking oil, coke, water.

2. On the middle shelf

In addition to the freezer, the middle shelf of this chiller is also usually very cold. Especially if the groceries are placed at the very back near the lights. This also applies as a way to organize a 1-door refrigerator which is quite recommended.

With this temperature, this section is very suitable for storing or storing items that are more prone to breeding harmful bacteria such as milk, eggs, yogurt, or baby food.

3. On the top shelf

Did you know, it turns out that the top shelf of the refrigerator is the warmest part, you know. Yup, so this section is best suited for storing ingredients that don't need to be cooked, such as; leftover dishes that just need to be reheated, snacks and jam.

4. Drawer section

Usually the drawer is the most suitable place to store vegetables and fruits. If you have a single-door refrigerator that has one large drawer, then you should use it to store vegetables or fruit.

However, if you have a 2-door refrigerator with two drawers, you can store raw meat in plastic or tupperware to prevent water from dripping off the meat.

5. Separate with tupperware

To make it look tidier and your groceries last longer, you can organize your fridge with tupperware. For example, separate kitchen spices such as chili, garlic, vegetables, various meats, seafood, chicken that have been washed and soaked in tupperware.

If you are used to making processed foods, then separating food ingredients with tupperware is very important to make it easier for you to cook. In order not to be confused, what food is in your tupperware, you can label it in the form of the date of purchase or expiration and the type of food stored.

Tips for organizing the contents of the refrigerator to keep it clean

Cover the shelf in the refrigerator with a plastic cloth. Wipe with a rag or throw away the plastic mat if there are stains on the shelves. Change the shelf base regularly.

To save your budget, you can use cardboard to tidy up the bottles that are placed on the refrigerator door.

Take advantage of the metal shelves in the freezer to store frozen food in plastic packaging with paper clips.

For a near-empty sauce, place it upside down on the refrigerator door with the egg tray on top.

Store and place leftovers in plastic containers with lids. Besides being neater, food is also cleaner.

Provide additional shelves if necessary.

If it's important enough, stick the white board on the outside of the fridge. This board is useful for writing a list of foodstuffs that are still available and those that have been

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