How to Use Banana Leaves to Wrap Lemper

Banana leaves are commonly used as food wrappers and Indonesian snacks. One of them is lemper.

The use of banana leaves can make lemper more fragrant. Especially if you want to burn.

But how to use it must be right, so that the banana leaves don't tear

1. Clean first

Before use, banana leaves must be cleaned first. To clean it, you just need to wipe it with a dry cloth.

2. Bake with fire

Banana leaves that have been cleaned can be roasted first over the fire. This needs to be done so that the banana leaves are not easily torn.

In addition, this method can also kill bacteria on banana leaves. So lemper is more durable and does not go stale quickly.

3. Broadcast first

How to make banana leaves so they don't tear easily can also be aerated

This method can make the water content shrink so that the banana leaves become weaker and easier to stick with a stick.

4. Dip into boiling water

Another alternative to prevent the banana leaves from tearing easily is to dip them in boiling water. The hot water temperature can make the banana leaves limp.

If it is used to wrap lemper, then the banana leaf must be drained and wiped first until it is completely dry. Otherwise, the lemper will go stale easily because the wrapper is damp and runny.

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