Know More About Asta Bali

Until now, Balinese traditional houses are still often found in Bali. Anyone who visits Bali will definitely be spoiled with the many things that Bali has as a tourist destination that is already well-known to foreign countries.

Types of Balinese Traditional House Building

In Balinese traditional house architecture there are various kinds and have their own guidelines in building their own traditional house, for example based on kosala kosali (knowledge of traditional Balinese architecture).

1. Angkul-Angkul

Angkul-angkul is a building that resembles a gate which also has a function as an entrance. The thing that distinguishes angkul-angkul from other buildings is that this building has a roof at the entrance.

2. Aling

Aling-aling is the dominant building as a barrier between the angkul-angkul with the yard and is believed to function to prevent negative aura from entering the yard.

3. Disclaimer

Sanggah is a sacred building which is usually located at the northeast end of the house. The Sanggah building itself functions as a place of worship for extended families who used to pray (Hindus).

4. Coral Pengijeng

This place is a place for guards who protect all who are in the yard of the house.

5. Bale Manten Traditional House / Bale Daja

Bale Manten is a building that usually functions as a bed for the head of the family, the daughter. In addition, this section is also used for newly married couples.

6. Bale Dauh

Bale Dauh is a room specifically used for boys, which is occupied by boys in traditional houses. Sometimes the bale dauh is used as a place to hold meetings.

7. Bale in an instant

Bale Sekepat is a building similar to a gazebo. This building has 4 pillars that are used for relaxing.

8. Bale Dangin or Bale Gede

Bale Dangin is a building that functions as a place for traditional ceremonies. The bale dangin building is located to the east of the roof on the dangin natah umah section. Usually Bale Dangin or Bale Gede has 12 bales or poles and there are also 2 bales on the right and left sides.

9. Paon or Kitchen Cleaner

Paon is a place that has the same function as the kitchen, namely a place to cook and process food. The place is divided into 2 areas, namely: the first room is an open room for cooking and cooking using firewood and the second room is a room for storing food and kitchen utensils.

10. Jineng or Klump

Jineng or Klumpu is a building that is usually used as a warehouse or a place to store basic necessities such as rice. This building is located in the southeast or close to the paon.

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