Honda Introduces Hornet Concept Motorcycle

In this Honda Hornet Concept, the resulting 3-dimensional works are carved and done in detail with a computer. Where in a 3-dimensional view, the shape of the Honda Hornet in the past was made as if it had disappeared. Starting from the characteristic round headlights with a hidden backbone frame under the tank that no longer exists.

Then the 3-dimensional silhouette also shows that the circular lights are replaced with an integrated and quite sharp design. At first glance it reminds me of the KISKA design on the latest KTM Duke. Then from the side of the stem that rises forward so that it is parallel to the branching. As well as seats that have different fireblade shades and intakes on both sides of the rider.

Then what also needs to be considered is the conventional swingarm on 2 sides of this motorbike and the use of an exhaust system mounted on the stomach so that the overall appearance looks clean. Then, as provided by Honda, this motorbike will continue to carry an engine called Exhilarating Engine Performance from the previous Honda Hornet.

Then in a statement on YouTube, Honda stated that this motorbike is referred to as a middle-class naked motorbike with modern technology and an engine that has the character of maximum performance at high engine speeds. Seeing what Honda said, many speculated that it would use a 4-cylinder engine like the old Hornet.

Even so, Honda has not officially revealed what engine will be used by the latest Hornet later. However, from the concept image shown, the engine that will be used is similar to the Africa Twin and Rebel 1100. The plan is that this latest Honda Hornet will begin production in 2022.

And what you need to know is that the Honda Hornet itself was first present in 1998 on the European continent. At that time the Honda Hornet used a liquid-cooled 599 cc 4 cylinder engine. The production period at that time began in 1998 and ended in 2013. Reportedly, the latest Honda Hornet will face several other mid-range adventure motorcycles such as the Triumph Trident 660.

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