Causes Car Steering Feels Heavy

Various problems that often occur in cars of course often make the owner confused. Especially if the trigger problem has not been detected.

One of the problems that often occurs is the steering wheel that starts to feel heavy. Of course we have to find out what causes the steering wheel feels heavy.

Given, the obstacles on the steering wheel of this car are very disturbing comfort in driving and can endanger safety if left continuously. So no wonder not a few people are still confused by this condition.

Well, regarding this, there are several reasons why the steering wheel feels heavy which of course you must know in depth and understand. This will make it easier for you to detect where the damage is.

So, what are the factors that trigger problems with the steering wheel of this car? More curious mate


Regarding the trigger factors, there are indeed various causes of heavy car steering that can be common knowledge for all of you. Here's the information that Mas Sena will reveal and explain in detail.

Trigger Factors Car Steering Damage

1. Liquid Oil on Thin Power Steering

First, the factor that triggers or causes the steering wheel to feel heavy is the condition of the oil fluid in the power steering which has begun to decrease.

Please note that the power steering oil itself plays a role in providing pressure to the piston. So, when the fluid starts to decrease, the impact will make the process performance on the piston decrease.

If this condition occurs, it will clearly affect the performance of the power steering to be less than optimal. This of course will have an impact on the steering wheel feels heavy, especially when turning.

2. Damage to the Steering Belt

In addition, please note that the cause of the steering wheel feels heavy is due to damage to the steering belt.

The steering belt component here is closely related to the performance of the power steering so that it will be able to provide maximum support in terms of its working system.

If the condition of the power belt breaks, of course, the automatic power steering component will have a bad impact so that it will cause problems in the condition of the steering wheel which feels heavy when moved.

Therefore, to overcome this, you should not repair it, but replace the new Power Steering Belt so that later the steering is easier to control.

3. There is a problem with the Steering Rack

The next thing that causes the steering wheel to feel heavy is that it can be triggered because the steering rack is damaged.

Especially for this component, it seems that it will be damaged which of course requires a fairly high repair cost.

Not without reason considering the price of this steering rack is very expensive with a tag that can reach around millions.

Now, regarding the problem of triggering damage, this problematic steering rack is generally triggered because the steering rack starts to wear out due to factors of use or age of use.

To solve this problem, ask the mechanic at the repair shop. If the damage can still be repaired then of course you do not need to replace it with a new one.

However, if the steering rack is damaged and cannot be repaired, then there is no other choice you have to replace it with a new one.

4. Flat tire

Who would have thought, it turns out that a flat tire or lack of air can also cause the steering wheel to feel heavy.

Low tire pressure will certainly affect the steering wheel considering that it is still powered by Power Steering.

That is, if the tire pressure starts to run out, of course the Power Steering work becomes heavier which has an impact on the steering wheel which is difficult to move.

Therefore, always check and maintain the condition of the tire pressure on your car to avoid these problems. It is recommended to fill the air with nitrogen because the pressure applied will be much more even and will not evaporate quickly.

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