Causes and How to Overcome Cracked Concrete

In the stage of building a house, of course, there are many problems that may occur. Like the problem of cracked concrete. Concrete plays an important role in the construction of houses as the foundation of the house.

Therefore, cracked concrete is certainly an important problem in the construction of houses. So, how to solve it?

Before knowing how to deal with damaged concrete, it's good to know some things that cause damaged concrete. Here are the causes.

The formwork used as a concrete structure mold is not strong enough to withstand the load of the building and the workers on it.

Mixture of materials that are not good for example using too little cement or too much gravel in the concrete mix.

The demolition of the formwork is too fast, the concrete experiences a maximum pavement at the age of 28 days, so that the dismantling of the formwork of the concrete structure before reaching that age requires efforts that can accelerate the hardening of the concrete such as the addition of certain chemicals to the concrete. concrete mix.

Provide building loads that exceed the capacity of the concrete structure

The age of the concrete has exceeded the age limit and the planned use time.

The existence of natural disasters such as earthquakes, floods, fires and other disasters that can damage the concrete or provide additional loads beyond the planned strength of the concrete structure.

Structural calculation errors resulting in concrete dimensions and specifications below the required structural strength requirements.

Rust on iron is used as reinforcement for concrete.

Dimensions of concrete that are not able to withstand deflections, stresses or shear forces of the structure, for example a size that is too small or slender so that it is prone to structural cracks.

The material used as a concrete mixture contains too much organic matter, mud content and chemicals that can weaken the strength of the concrete structure.

Drying of concrete structures too quickly, such as due to hot weather, causes the concrete to crack.

There is work that is intentionally carried out to damage the concrete structure, for example beating the structure, falling concrete work and the like so that it becomes the cause of the damage to the structure.

And various other causes of damage that may occur in concrete structures.

How to Overcome Cracked Concrete

Various preventive and maintenance work on cracked concrete structures can be carried out so that the concrete can provide maximum capability, the way to overcome cracked concrete is as follows.

Perform calculations on the concrete structure plan carefully and correctly and provide a safety factor for the structure to anticipate things that may occur such as adding loads to the building structure, earthquakes etc.

Planning the need for strong formwork to withstand the work of concrete structures.

Checking, supervising and being thorough at the time of implementation such as inspection of formwork, inspection of reinforcing steel installation and so on which can prevent concrete cracks.

Provision of chemicals that can eliminate cracks in concrete such as injection concrete.

Provision of additional reinforcement and enlargement of concrete dimensions, such as in concrete beam structures that experience cracks or column structures that require additional strength of the concrete structure.

As well as various other innovations and creativity that can overcome cracked concrete and eliminate the causes of cracked concrete.

Thus some descriptions of the causes and ways to overcome cracked concrete. Hope it is useful!

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