How to Solve Bluetooth Speaker Error

Bluetooth speakers are now becoming increasingly popular devices, both among music lovers, gamers, and multimedia lovers.

With bluetooth speakers, we can listen to music easily from mobile phones or computers without using cables like conventional speakers.

Just connect our device with bluetooth speaker via bluetooth connection.

However some bluetooth speakers are used in a way that is not wrong.

Therefore, in this Androbuntu article, I will discuss how to solve the bluetooth speaker error that does not connect and does not make sound.

The method is very simple, namely by resetting.

But before going into the main discussion, you should first know what types of errors or damage usually occur on bluetooth speakers.

So you can prevent it from happening again on your device in the future.

This problem can sometimes be solved by resetting the bluetooth speaker, but sometimes it can't.

If you can't, then there is a possibility that the battery embedded in the bluetooth speaker's lifecycle is running low.

Batteries are usually embedded in electronic devices such as bluetooth speakers, laptops, and cell phones.

Bluetooth Speaker Cannot Charge: Bluetooth speakers rely on power from the internal battery.

Therefore, the bluetooth speaker should be used regularly after use.

Well, if the bluetooth speaker suddenly can't be charged, it can be reset in the hope that it won't be a problem.

In most cases, restarting the speakers is effective enough to solve this one problem.

Bluetooth Speaker Can't Connect: Usually the speaker will directly connect with other devices such as cellphones and laptops that you want.

But in error state, your Androbuntu friend's bluetooth speaker may not be able to see your other devices.

Restarting the speakers is the only way you can do that.

Bluetooth Speaker Not Detected: Under normal conditions, the bluetooth speaker will be detected by other devices such as mobile phones and laptops.

However, if your speaker has an error, bluetooth cannot be detected by other devices.

Until then, your speakers cannot be used to listen to music.

Reset can also be used as an attempt to solve this problem.

Speaker Hang: Hang is when your bluetooth speaker doesn't respond to every key press.


Whether it's when the power button is pressed, or other buttons such as volume buttons and bluetooth buttons.

Again, if this happens then the last way that can be done is to reset it.

Cause of Damage

Defect: This is a term for a factory-derived device defect, the term is a rejected item that passes quality control.

One/Multiple Faulty Components: Just like any other electronic device, bluetooth speaker also consists of other electronic devices. Only one is damaged, then its performance will be disrupted. Some types of damage can be overcome by the reset method which Androbuntu will discuss below.

Wrong Settings: Some types of bluetooth from certain brands have a lot of complicated settings. Sometimes ordinary users get the wrong settings so they think the speakers are broken, but they aren't. Resetting is the easiest way to fix it.

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