How to fish in the sea for beginners

 Compared to fishing in ponds or public fishing grounds, sea fishing is indeed much more fun.

Fishing in the sea can provide an interesting sensation, where in addition to satisfying hobbies, we can also enjoy recreation and enjoy the beauty of the sea.

However, fishing in the sea is not as easy as fishing at a public fishing spot. For those of you who feel good at fishing in public, you may not be able to follow it. You must know tips to know how to fish in the sea.

Here is the technique of fishing in the sea

If you want to fish in the sea, you should not rush. It takes careful preparation before finally going to sea to catch fish. Well, if you want to know tips for fishing in the sea, keep reading the information below!

1. Prepare Fishing Tools

Are you used to fishing at public fishing grounds and have a fishing rod? But maybe the rod you have should be more complete and of higher quality.

This is because the conditions of water and fish in the sea are certainly different from fishing in general. There are several fishing rods that you must bring, including fishing rods, strings, small buoys, and don't forget the hook. You will also need a small net to help catch them. If caught, don't forget to bring a coolbox to store the fish.

2. Choose the Best Fishing Bait

Choosing fishing bait for fishing in the sea is not difficult. You can choose fishing bait in the form of squid, shrimp, to small fish. Squid scattered around the ship can serve to guide the fish to approach the ship.

This squid is also often used by professional anglers and has proven to be effective. But, besides squid, you can also use other fishing baits, such as fish meat, shrimp, to artificial baits that look like fish.

3. Don't forget to attach the stick

Before starting to throw the hook into the sea, it is worth paying attention to the setting of the rod. There are two models of setting the rod when you want to fish in the sea with a depth of less than 100 meters. After the first is a hanging bait, where the bait has a position between sea level and the sea floor with two hooks.

Next is the bait that is above the surface. Usually this arrangement consists of a series of baits placed under the buoy at a distance of 2-3 meters.

4. Pay attention to the weather and nature

The next sea fishing tip is to pay attention to the weather and natural conditions. Don't go fishing when the weather is bad. While it is difficult for you to catch fish, it can also be dangerous. Also pay attention to natural factors, in the sense of not fishing in the sea during the full moon.

Usually when the moon shines brightly, the sea water conditions will also be brighter. If the sea water is clear, then predatory fish can more easily prey on other fish. So the catch is not optimal.

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