How to care for an apple tree so that it quickly bears fruit

The main purpose of planting fruit crops such as apples is of course so that the tree produces dense and ripe fruit. However, did you know that there are some interesting secrets and tips that you can learn in caring for apple trees so that they bear fruit quickly.

Let's look at the following reviews and it is guaranteed that the apple tree you plant will soon bear fruit.

Meet the requirements to grow an apple tree

Climate, temperature, and soil elevation are growing conditions that must be prepared to stimulate apple trees to bear fruit quickly. Choose seeds that are not sterile. To anticipate this, buy apple tree seeds at a trusted nursery.

Conduct research

The research here is not what scientists do, but in the sense of wrapping or wrapping the trunk or main branch of an apple tree with tightly tied wire. This treatment aims to inhibit the transport of photosynthetic products back to the roots so that the results of photosynthesis are focused on fruit formation.

Making tree trunk slices

The purpose of cutting tree trunks is the same as ringing, namely so that the results of photosynthesis are more focused on fruit formation rather than being channeled to the roots. Scrape the bark until the cambium is gone, about 10-20 cm around the stem. Cut the bark irregularly. Apply paraffin, tar, or paint to the incision to prevent germs from entering.


Fertilizer is a good medium given to fruit plants to stimulate growth and fruit formation. The nutrient content in the fertilizer will make the tree bear fruit quickly and grow well.

Water has many functions for plants, including as a solvent medium so that nutrients in the soil are more easily absorbed, and as a separate food substance for plants. For that, adequate and regular watering is a step that you must do so that the apple tree bears fruit quickly.

Give a stimulating hormone

Hormones are not included in fertilization, although their purpose is the same, namely to accelerate the flowering and fruiting of plants, and to stimulate the resulting fruit to have a large size. But in terms of administration, the hormone can be injected into the stem of the plant or sprayed into the body of the plant.

Do tree pruning

Prune off distracting branches such as branches at an angle. This is so that when it rains, the water does not enter the cut and carry germs.

Do the root cutting technique

Actually this is not a new method. This method has long been developed by scientists in the United States. The root pruning method is believed to be able to produce apples that are more effective than the twig pruning method. In addition, the color of the fruit looks brighter and more attractive, the taste is sweeter, and the apple tree can bear fruit quickly.

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