Causes of Leaking Dispenser and How to Overcome It

Nothing lasts forever. Everyone has their own age. When the dispenser is old enough, various problems begin to emerge.

This one problem is actually not always serious. In general, there are 2 things that are very likely to be the cause.

Both the leak in the gallon and damage to the faucet lever. For more details, the following explanation.

Gallon Leak

This gallon leak is indicated by the appearance of a puddle of water at the top of the dispenser. The reasons are quite diverse. It could be because something is cracked or it could be due to age. This can prevent water in gallons from entering the filter and passing through the filtering process.

This gallon damage is usually irreparable. The only way to fix it is to replace it with a new gallon. Therefore, in order to last longer, gallon water also needs to be treated properly.

Keep it clean and away from direct sunlight. One more thing that is not less important, always be careful when using it. Don't let the gallon get hard.

The Faucet in the Dispenser is Broken

Another part that is also prone to leaks is the dispenser faucet lever. Pagan damage to this area can cause water to continue dripping even when the faucet is closed. Another damage that can also occur to this part of the faucet is that there is no water coming out when the dispenser faucet is opened.

The causes of leaks in this faucet are also quite diverse. But in general this can be caused by a loose faucet lever or a crack in the dispenser body. Of course, conditions like this are usually rare in the best dispensers.

You don't really need to experience this kind of damage if the dispenser is always cared for properly. At least the dispenser is kept clean. However, quality still determines the durability of the dispenser. Quality products are certainly much more durable.

He's also long. If there is damage, the place of repair is also clear.

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