The cause of the car air conditioner not starting to cool

Recognize the cause of the car air conditioner can't cool the car cabin space

Car AC Not Cold – Functionally, the presence of air conditioning in the car is needed as a temperature regulator in the car cabin so that it is always cool even in hot conditions.

So it is undeniable that every car owner is obliged to take care of the car air conditioning component sector so that later the trip becomes more comfortable with refreshing cold temperatures.

However, from various cases, there are several factors that often cause the car air conditioner to not be able to cool the car cabin space.

However, not everyone knows what causes the car air conditioner to not cool. So, certain steps are needed to feel where the damage is that makes the air conditioner unable to operate.

Causes of Car Ac Not Cold

The reason is, if the AC is damaged even a little without any repair process, it will obviously affect other components that are closely related to the AC system.

Therefore, if you start to experience slight problems with the air conditioner, for example, it is marked by the car air conditioner starting to not cool the cabin, then immediately find out the cause.

Well, about this Mas Sena will provide information about some of the causes of the car air conditioner not cold that you need to pay attention to.

Causes Car AC Can't Get Cold Air Out

As is known, there are several trigger factors that make the car air conditioner unable to cool the car cabin. The causes are as described below.

Why is the car ac not cold?

There is a problem with the Magnetic Clutch

The first cause that is often a problem can of course be due to damage to the magnetic clutch sector.

Usually the sign if the magnetic clutch is damaged will be marked by the car's AC compressor not turning at all.

Well, to be sure, you can check the spool area when the car engine is turned on.

Usually, if the spool is no longer suitable for use because it is immune or has expired, it will make the compressor spool unable to rotate.

AC freon runs out

In addition, the cause of the car air conditioner is not cold, it could also be because the freon volume is starting to run low or even starting to run out.

However, you also need to check why the car's AC freon is running out. It could be that the decrease in AC freon is caused by a leak in the car's AC system.

Therefore, you should be able to really determine why the AC freon runs out. Remember, if there is a leak then you need to find out where the leak is first.

If the freon runs out because it has not been filled, then immediately fill the car AC freon so that later it can give a cold feeling to the car cabin space.

AC Radiator Starts Dirty

Not a little too, the cause of the car air conditioner is not cold because the AC radiator is dirty due to dust. Worse yet, if left for a long time, dust on the radiator not only makes the AC not cool but also causes rust, especially on the engine.

Heat dissipation is not optimal and forces Freon to work higher and worry about impacting the performance of the condenser.

Therefore, it is not wrong if you occasionally take your car to a special car AC repair shop to provide special care for the AC so that the dirty car AC radiator can be cleaned when you take it to a special car AC salon.

Here it is clearly very important as one of the effective efforts to prevent or overcome car air conditioners that are not cold due to problems with the AC radiator that are rarely cleaned, causing dirt to accumulate.

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