How to Take Care of the Correct Ornamental Plants

Caring for ornamental plants is now an activity that is widely carried out by various groups, especially during a pandemic.

This hobby that is increasingly in demand by many people is indeed fun to fill free time at home by doing positive and fun activities.

Interested in starting to care for plants at home?

Collecting ornamental plants at home has many benefits, you know. Yup, the presence of plants in the room certainly adds to the beauty, with colorful ornamental plants that make your home feel more alive and look beautiful. As well as making the atmosphere cooler, shady and most importantly able to make the air quality around the house better.

Keeping ornamental plants can also be the right choice to more or less reduce the stress you feel due to various problems. When you see the tree you plant and care for thrive, new shoots or leaves appear, flower, or even bear fruit. Must be fun right?

However, to be able to see your favorite plants thrive and beautiful, keeping them healthy is the main thing that needs to be done. The reason is, this ornamental plant can die suddenly if it does not get the right treatment. No need to worry, to avoid it, you can apply the steps to take care of the right ornamental plants, so that they are always fresh and look charming.

Still unsure about how to care for ornamental plants that you will apply? Don't just take care of it, okay? Here are some tips for caring for good ornamental plants, which Sunchila has summarized from various sources. Come on, listen and get ready to improve your skills so that your favorite ornamental plants grow well!

1. Meets water needs well

Before watering, you need to know in advance the water needs according to the type of ornamental plant. Don't let your plants dry out, wither or even rot their roots due to the wrong amount of water. Well, after that you can regularly meet the water needs according to the dose so that it thrives well.

Do not just focus on watering at one point, but also must be evenly distributed to all parts of the plant. Avoid watering tree leaves until they are too wet, as this can cause plant disease. And avoid standing water in pots that can block the path of oxygen to cause ornamental plants to wither. Oh no!

Make sure you use a pot that has drainage holes, so that the ornamental plants are not submerged in water and the soil is not wet but still moist. In addition, to increase the growth of ornamental plants, add plant supplements during the watering process, especially in summer, yes.

2. Give fertilizer for plant fertility

The next way is the provision of fertilizers that ornamental plants need. The content of nutrients in fertilizers will stimulate plants to grow optimally. This will make the soil nutritious so that the plant's needs are met, because fertilizer replaces the nutrients that are reduced by plants used in the growth process.

There are various types of fertilizers with various functions that are easily found in the market, ranging from liquid to solid. Well, choose the best fertilizer according to your ornamental plant type. Keep in mind, each type of fertilizer has its own rules of use. So, make sure you read the instructions for use on the packaging first, okay?

When you want to move the plant to a new pot or plant, you can also apply a special fertilizer for the roots, so that growth in the new place can be maximized. Fertilization must be done regularly so that plant nutrients are maintained. Don't forget to give organic fertilizer regularly, at least once every three months.

3. Don't forget to change the pot regularly

Just like you, just sitting in one place will definitely feel bored right? Well, so are plants. They need a new place and nutrition, you know. Especially if the ornamental plants grow bigger, so the old small pots don't fit anymore. That's a sign you have to move the plant to a new bigger pot.

Changing the pot regularly is very important, so that the roots of the plant have enough room to continue growing. However, that doesn't mean you have to use a pot that's too big, just add one size. Do not forget to choose a pot that has good water drainage, so that the plant avoids puddles in the pot.

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