How to Solve Can't Connect To Camera

Now we will discuss how to solve the camera does not connect, can not be opened and often errors?

I just found a problem not responding to all media applications, for example I want to make a story on whatsapp, camera error, I want to take a photo to send pap to a friend, android camera is not working.


Tips to overcome this is also quite easy. But first you need to find out the cause of this failure because if you know the root of the problem i'm sure you can find the best solution for this problem.

The problem of the Android camera cannot be opened is caused by several factors, namely Android is not readable both internal and external storage (SD card).

Storage memory that is not detected by the system, there will be some application functions that error even the application must be turned off when you install the SD card.

Do you know the main cause? move on to how to solve it. The method that I will convey is not complicated, you can even follow it in terms of finding the best solution to fix it, it can't be used and doesn't work properly.

HP Camera Can't be Opened

Usually this error occurs on xiaomi cellphones or miui 8 and 9 custom roms.

Why is that? basically a device for storing photos placed on a card so that it can produce more photos than using the phone's storage.

Then how to fix an android camera that doesn't work?

1. Make sure Android is Installed SD Card

If the above causes, we can conclude that there is no micro sd in android then the camera will not see the connection.

That's usually the camera application has a setting where to save the shots to the external memory. So, now try to reinsert your SD card then open the phone camera.

2. SD Card Detected on HP Or Not

This second way still connects with the first way, namely removing the external memory that has been installed, also making sure the micro SD is installed correctly or not? Usually I like, sometimes not detected.

Well, now you can check it to see if the micro sd is installed properly or not.

3. Change Settings Save Photos To Internal Memory

This is for your solution having no external storage, when you change the settings. Generally just located in the camera settings section then select the storage media and change the phone or internal storage.

There is also the same problem, Instagram camera is not connected, this can also be solved.

4. Insert New SD Card Or Borrow A Friend

For now if you are still seeing “Camera Not Connected” issue using external memory in your phone. You can use a new SD card or borrow from a friend. Maybe later your camera can be used again.

the comment is not clear, because the SD card functions as a storage place for cellphone camera shots. So, it's possible that your phone's camera storage settings are already set to the SD card and can't be changed anymore.

That way, if the SD card is damaged, the camera phone can't be used anymore because it can't connect.

5. Restart HP

If you've done all the solutions above, but haven't been able to complete it, you can't start the camera.

You can restart or reboot your phone. After the phone restarts, you can open the camera app and see if your camera is connected?.

6. Force Stop and Clear Data

Well this could be the error or the most reliable solution. You can force stop and clear camera app data. Maybe you don't know how?

Go to settings -> application management -> Camera -> Force stop then select Clear data.

7. Use Third Party Camera Apps

If you have problems with your default camera, try looking for a similar third-party app. You can find camera app in app store like google playstore and appstore.

Or you can also use the camera from social media applications such as Facebook, Twitter, Line, WhatsApp and so on.

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