How to grow hair fast and straight

Having long and healthy hair is a woman's dream.

Therefore, it is not surprising that many women are willing to spend a lot of money to do hair care at the salon to get the hair they want, even though lengthening hair and caring for healthy hair can be done at home.

although lengthening hair in a fast process. According to a study, in a month hair grows an average of approximately 2 cm.

Then, how to lengthen hair quickly and straight?

In addition to using products sold in the market, you can also use natural ingredients. The important thing you need to pay attention to is to keep the scalp clean. That way, your hair will grow stronger so it won't break or fall out easily.

Anagen phase

The active phase of hair growth. The cells at the root of the hair will split, then new hair will form and push the old hair out of the hair follicle and then fall out. In this phase, hair grows 1 cm long every month for two to six years.

For people who have difficulty growing hair usually because they have a short anagen period. The hair on the legs, hands, eyebrows, and eyelashes of humans can never grow long because these parts of the body undergo a very long anagen phase with a duration of only 30 to 45 days.

catagen phase

This phase is a transition phase where 3% of the total time the hair that grows on the scalp will be in this phase every two to three weeks. In this phase hair growth will stop, the outer layer of the hair roots will shrink so that blood flow to the hair roots will decrease. Hair eventually becomes malnourished and stops growing.

Telogen phase

The telogen phase is also known as the resting phase, and is experienced by about six to eight percent of all hair on the scalp. This phase lasts for a hundred days for the hair on the scalp. In the telogen phase, the hair follicles are in a state of complete rest.

Hair that has experienced cessation of growth will also fall out. Hair in the telogen phase has a special feature, namely there is a small hard white part at the root of the hair and usually this part will be seen when the hair falls out or is pulled out.

When this hair growth cycle is interrupted, thinning or hair loss occurs. Therefore, we must maintain the health of our hair so that it does not fall out by knowing how to properly care for it. Therefore, consider the following review.

Aloe vera

Aloe vera is known as a plant that has the greatest benefits for beauty. Therefore, one way to lengthen hair is to use aloe vera. The content of vitamins A, C, and E in it is very useful for lengthening and strengthening hair.

The benefits of aloe vera for maintaining healthy hair are no longer in doubt. Even today, many shampoos contain aloe vera to lengthen hair and keep it healthy.

However, if you want to get maximum benefits, it would be better if you use aloe vera directly, rather than using hair care products that contain the plant. You can peel the skin of aloe vera and take the gel and then apply it on the scalp until the gel thins and runs out.

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