How to Extend Men's Hair Quickly

Actually what helps men grow long hair is a healthy diet, healthy lifestyle, and proper hair care.

But, have you ever wondered how to grow men's hair fast, which other men do?

Because there are tricks and tips, bro! So don't be in a hurry to be tempted by the 'miracle oil' promo first. I will tell you how to grow men's hair quickly and easily. Get a cool long hairstyle.

1. Diligently wash your hair

Do you often use hair products such as pomade or wax? If so, there is no reason for you to skip shampooing. Shampooing not only cleans the hair shaft but also cleans the scalp. Natural hair oils can be problematic when mixed with build-up products, guaranteed to make hair difficult to grow. Hence, shampooing must be diligent! It's okay to wash your hair every day if you need to.

2. Use a Special Towel

Usually, the growth of long hair is supported by a strong hair shaft and does not fall out easily. Your habit of scrubbing your hair hard can make your hair fall out. If hair loss continues to be unavoidable, it will take a long time bro!

If you have brittle hair, you can skip using a regular towel to dry your hair. Use an unused microfiber towel or T-shirt. These ingredients are safe to use because they will not damage the hair cuticles.

3. Eat More Protein

Did you know that nearly 90% of the human hair shaft is made up of keratin, or dead protein? Protein is useful for protecting hair to coat hair follicles. Starting from the scalp, hair shaft, everything needs adequate protein intake.

What if you lack protein? Hair will fall out. That's why people who go on extreme diets often experience hair loss.

Well, to be able to help grow long hair in men, you must eat foods that contain protein, omega-3, and vitamin D. Try eating low-fat chicken, fish, or beef breast. If you are vegan, increase your consumption of tempeh, tofu, and nuts such as almonds, edamame, and peas.

4. Regular Exercise

As previously explained, the way to grow a man's hair fast is to exercise. What is the effect? You not only need to exercise to keep your organs healthy, but also your whole body.

By exercising, you can speed up the body's metabolism so that cell regeneration is also faster. Exercise also makes blood circulation smooth so that the hair follicles are adequately nourished due to an adequate supply of oxygen.

5. Use Candlenut Oil

You must have heard of the benefits of this one oil to grow hair fast? Its properties to stimulate hair growth are well known, so ancient parents often used hazelnut oil on their baby's scalp.

This oil is not a miracle oil that promises to grow hair fast, yes. But you can rely on it to maintain the strength of the hair shaft, so that the hair does not break or fall out easily. Basically one way to lengthen hair is to keep the hair shaft moist so that the hair is healthy. Hair that is more flexible will be stronger and grow longer.

How to use it, mix a little hazelnut oil with aloe vera gel, then use it as a hair mask. Just do it once a week for thicker and lush hair!

6. Focus on the Top of the Hair

The top of the hair (crown area) is longer than the sides and bottom. Of course because of its position at the top. For long hair, you can skip cutting the top part of your hair and cutting the sides and back. This long top style helps make your hair look longer than it really is.

Focus on treating this long section of hair, as this is the part that takes a long time to grow. The key to getting a cool long hairstyle is to be patient and always put in the effort.

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