How to care for ornamental plants for beginners

For beginners, of course, do not really understand how to care for ornamental plants. A beautiful home environment equipped with ornamental plants, must be everyone's dream.

Especially if how to grow ornamental plants is done with the right steps. Not only as a sweetener for the yard and home, ornamental plants will also be beneficial for health.

In order not to be mistaken, know 5 ways to care for these ornamental plants!

Why? Because it turns out its existence can improve the air quality around the house.

In addition, seeing all-green plants that thrive can also reduce stress levels. If you're just starting to grow plants at home, it's never too late. Follow how to care for ornamental plants for beginners below!

Choose the ideal type of plant

For the first time, choose plants that are hardy or require less water and are resistant to low sunlight conditions. The choices also vary, ranging from succulents, aloe vera, mother-in-law's tongue, ivory betel, sustenance bamboo, dollar leaves, to trendy monstera.

Meet the needs of water and sunlight

Well, even though the plants you choose are easy to care for, remember that the basic needs of plants are water and sunlight. The portion of water must also be considered.

Too little will usually cause the plant to dry out and die. On the other hand, the treatment method by watering too much will actually cause root rot.

Water the plants in different areas and don't just focus on one point. But don't water the leaves too wet because it will invite plant disease and avoid standing water that can block the oxygen pathway and cause the plant to wilt.

You must know which types of plants should be exposed to sunlight or vice versa, do not be exposed to direct sunlight, because this affects the position when planting and placing them.

Meet the needs of water and sunlight

The goal is to replace nutrients that are reduced or even depleted because they are used by plants in the growth process. In order for plants to grow and develop normally, fertilizing is recommended once every two weeks. For beginners, you should buy special fertilizers for ornamental plants. There's a lot, really. But remember, each fertilizer has its own usage rules. So make sure to read the instructions properly first.

Fertilize regularly

How to care for ornamental plants is actually quite simple, namely by maintaining cleanliness around the garden, pots and avoiding piles of garbage, especially plastic, cans and materials that cannot decompose properly.

Also stop the habit of throwing cigarette butts or throwing used water such as soda or tea into your pots or garden because it is not a good way to care for plants. Clean the broken branches, trim the parts that grow irregularly, and also remove the remnants of dirt that should not be in the plant area.

Keep clean around ornamental plants

Stop by soon

With super limited time, ornamental plants still need to be cared for and cared for with love. Before going to the office or after work, take the time to care for your plants. It doesn't matter if on weekdays you can only water it when you're away.

If you are forgetful, choose the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active smartwatch which has a timer feature that can remind you to water or move your favorite ornamental plants. This smart watch is also equipped with features that can detect heart rate, receive notifications from smartphones.

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