How to blur the cellphone camera so it's clear again

The sophistication of current HP camera technology can be said to have developed so far, it can even be said to almost rival the quality of DSLR camera shots.

However, have you ever experienced a cellphone camera that was initially clear, suddenly turned blurry like an old cellphone camera? Even though your phone has a modern camera with a resolution of tens of Megapixels. What happened?

Here, summarizes some of the causes and how to solve a blurry HP camera so that it returns to normal.

Causes of Blurry HP Camera

1. Dirty Lenses

The glass that protects the phone's camera is sometimes touched by hands or can also be dirty by dust entering through the lens slit.

2. Physical Damage

A blurry phone camera can also be caused by physical damage to the camera lens itself. This can be caused if you are not careful in placing the cellphone which then results in the camera lens cap being scratched by sharp objects or falling from a height.

3. Water Intake

Cases of blurry cameras due to water ingress are quite common, as we often have to get rained on during the rainy season until the phone gets soaked. In addition to endangering the camera function, the entry of water into the cellphone can also be fatal and damage the overall function of the device.

How to fix a blurry cellphone camera so it's clear again

1. Rub the lens cap with toothpaste

A scratched camera lens cap can cause the HP camera to become blurry. To prevent this from happening, you can use silicone or motomo as a shield.

However, if there is already a scratch on the camera lens cap, you can work around this by applying a small amount of toothpaste to the front of the lens, then rubbing it gently.

This method can remove fine scratches on the outer lens surface.

Keep in mind, the toothpaste used is a white toothpaste, not a gel one. If it's still blurry, you can use another method, namely by prying the camera lens cap using a razor, but you have to be careful.

If you are finished you can replace it with a new lid or if you want free capital you can use clear colored tape.

2. Clean the dirt that sticks

The case is almost the same as the one above, because it is placed carelessly, dust enters and sticks to the inner lens, causing the camera to not be optimal. In addition to dust, dirty fingerprints that stick to the camera lens can also cause the camera to become blurry.

For a solution to fix it, open the outer casing so that the inner lens is visible. Then pour some eucalyptus oil on a tissue and rub the inside of the lens to remove dust from the lens surface.

As for the case of dirty fingerprints, you can simply wipe it from the outside of the lens without needing to open the lens cap.

3. Dry the phone with water

Water entering the cellphone camera does not only occur when the cellphone is directly exposed to water. Placing the phone in a place with too humid conditions can also make the camera lens filled with dew drops. So it will affect the camera shots.

For lens solutions that have entered water or are dewy, immediately turn off the cellphone and remove the battery. Then dry it by drying it in front of a fan, especially on the grille or holes on the right and left so that the temperature of the cellphone can be stable and no water or dew is left behind.

Or you can also bury your phone in a bowl of rice for a few hours, as rice absorbs water easily. It is not recommended to dry the phone using a hairdryer, as the heat from the hairdryer may cause damage to the device.

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