How to Solve Android Camera Error Cannot Open

All Android phones today must have a camera feature. In fact, the camera is one of its own standards to determine whether or not a cell phone is good.

To run the camera, we need an application, which is usually installed by default from the phone itself.

When the app is opened, the camera preview image will appear. That's normal, yes.

Because, there are also some errors like:


Causes of Android HP Camera Error / Can't be Opened

Before discussing the solution, there are a few things you need to know first. That's the reason why the camera can have problems.

The following are some of the possible causes:

Bug (Problem) On System: For example, you failed to update the system.

Unstable System: For example lots of junk files, full RAM, etc. This can cause the camera app to crash.

Root Effect: Root Android, sometimes can make HP so problematic. One of the things that usually happens is an error in the camera function.

Errors in the Camera Application: The HP default camera application can also have an effect, for example the effect of cache file errors and the like.

Damage to HP Components: Can be from damage to the IC, chipset, or most often damage from the camera directly. Usually triggered because the temperature is too hot (overheat), HP drops, or exposed to water. And much more.

How to Fix Android Phone Camera Not Connected, Failed, Not Working, and Can't Open

First of all, there are a few things to note, yes. In general, HP damage is divided into two, namely systems and components.


Well, after reading the causes, we can conclude that camera errors can also be caused by systems and components.

However, of course we can't immediately tell whether the error comes from the system, or comes from a component. Is not it?

For that we do not need to take it directly to the Service Center. Try to follow some of the following tips, to repair a damaged HP camera so that it returns to normal.

Note: The discussion here is intended for all Android phones, yes. Xiaomi, ASUS, Samsung, Lenovo, OPPO, Vivo, Evercoss, Huawei and more.

1. Restart Your Android Phone First

An unstable system will result in the application not being able to run normally. So, don't be surprised if certain errors will appear.

For example in the camera application which when opened suddenly exits by itself, or the message "Unfortunately the camera has stopped".

The simplest first step to overcome this is to restart the HP.

Press and hold your phone's power button.

Select the Restart menu.

Wait until the HP finishes restarting.

If so, please reopen your cellphone camera, then check whether the problem you are experiencing has returned to normal or not.

2. Force Stop Your Android Phone Camera App

On some Android phones, it is possible to use the camera application which belongs to the type of background service, where the application will still run in the background, even if we are not aware of it.

This is normal. But what you need to know is, if for example there is an error with the camera, then the error will continue to run.

The solution, try to overcome it with the following steps:

Go to Android Phone Settings.

Open the Application.

Application Menu on HP

Find the Camera app, then open it.

Search Camera Application on HP

Select the Force Stop option (or Force Stop if your phone is in English)

HP Camera Stop Strength Options

This method is very effective for dealing with various types of errors, such as:

The camera does not respond at all (hangs or stops suddenly).

The camera does not display any images. The screen display is only black (dark) only. The menu on the camera cannot be opened (similar to a hang).

3. Clear Cache and Clear Camera App Data

Clear Camera App Cache Error

Cache files are one of the causes of various problems with Android apps, such as the camera.

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