A Simple Way to Take the Best Photos

The more you understand the better, of course you're free to experiment and deviate from this method, but, if you're just starting out, then these suggestions are a surefire way to get great looking photos.

1. Place the subject in the center!

Photos express special and defining moments, as well as your own thoughts.

Therefore, it is important to place what you want others to see right in the center of the photo. I often find photos with the main subject placed to the side, fully rendered.

2. Adjust the focus on the whole image to get a good shot

I've often come across photos with backgrounds that are too blurry, but such photos can be very misleading, and the photographer seems to be trying to cover up any flaws in the photo.

What is generally considered sharp as a good photo, is always visible and all angles are in focus. This was thought to be true in the past, and is still so today.

3. Always pay attention to the vertical and horizontal axes of your photos

We live in a world, where the horizontal and vertical axes are the same, right?

A photo that is seen on the ground and sloping buildings, can give the impression of instability in the human brain, so that the photo is not conveyed properly. large, mostly mediocre looking photos don't have a good balance of vertical and horizontal axes.

4. In general, photos should look bright

Dark photos don't appeal to viewers. Therefore, in general, your photos should be taken in bright light. This is a shortcut for improvement in photography.

Usually, positive exposure compensation is used, negative compensation is almost never used.

5. Reproducing colors as expected, much more important than anything

The White Balance setting is used to change the color of the photo, but sometimes some people experiment with this function. This resulted in the colors in the captured photos looking very different from the dream, which is something to be proud of.

If possible, the white balance should be manually adjusted in place, so that actual colors can be reproduced according to the scene. However, this may be difficult for beginners. In this case, they can use the camera's Auto White Balance function.

Experimenting with settings and causing the actual scene to lose its depth, will greatly reduce the appeal of the photo.

In this case, I have introduced 5 simple things to take amazing photos.

Of course, photos are taken to be freely taken and enjoyed as a hobby. However, the 5 things mentioned above are often forgotten by beginners who are still learning about photography.

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